After decades of marriage, I am just now finding out that I did not marry a “woman of value.”

You can imagine my disappointment.

This revelation came from Fox News personality, Tomi Lahren. She released a fifteen minute “Public Service Announcement” on Facebook where she explains that she and her friends are all “pretty”, “talented, skilled, ambitious women,” which makes them women of value. The rest of you ambitionless chattel out there have no value, even if you are pretty and smart and have a job, because you have “nothing going on.”

And, to think, I married one of you.

My wife, Marianne, certainly seems valuable. She puts up with me. There’s got to be some value points in that. She helped raise three law abiding citizens, none of which would have probably survived infancy had their care and feeding been left solely up to me.

That sounds valuable.

She works at a bank, goes to church on Sundays, lives by her faith and the folks around her are the happier for knowing her. Like me, her ambitions never strayed beyond the ordinary. World conquerors, we ain’t. She actually likes being a mom. She likes her job. She is happy to work for a company without having any aspirations to own it. She did once have an aspiration to win a gift basket at the company picnic but won a golf bag instead. She donated the bag to a local high school.

Apparently, none of this makes her a woman of value.

Tomi Lahren also thinks I am trash. It is the primary theme of her video.

Here is what makes me trash: In my ignorance, I prefer a women like Marianne over Barbie dolls like Tomi Lahren who set themselves up on pedestals and expect men to worship at their feet. What torques Tomi Lahren is 99 percent of men, Neanderthals that we are, also prefer girls like Marianne. The other 1 percent are males who are on the “10” scale of the sexual ratings chart and can get as many women who look like Tomi Lahrens as they want, only younger and with substantially less baggage. Those girls, also are in the cadre of the valueless.

Tomi Lahren is mad because her attitude towards men has her living in no man’s land and she doesn’t understand why, so she blames men and mocks the women who can get a man.

Believe it or not, there actually is a category of male who is willing to put up with the baggage that comes with Tomi Lahren, because their sole criteria is looks. The problem for her is they are all still in high school. Guys who have been around the block a few times and are looking for a long-term relationship aren’t looking for a woman like her. Just listen to her. She’s got “nag” written all over her. Guys her age and older know looks are great, but that is only one factor in the equation. Looks fade. You got to live with them, too. And like the old saying goes, “Attitude makes a difference.”

I don’t even need to hear what she is saying in her video to know to cut a wide path around her. When I saw her stick out that index finger, turn her palm to the camera and circle that hand, I saw everything I needed to see.

Nag. Nag. Nag.

Frankly, I think it would do Tomi Lahren good to get some relationship advice from Marianne. And Marianne would try to help her despite the insults. She is that type of person, valueless though she may be.

Another thing that strikes me about Tomi Lahren’s diatribe is, for a person who sites her career ambitions as a key component in making her a woman of value, she seems to take her career for granted. Her livelihood is predicated on a fan base liking her, yet she calls one half of her fan base “trash” and the other half “valueless.”

For someone so smart, that seems a bit on the stupid side to me.

In closing out her lecture Tomi Lahren says “I would never chase after a man…”

That is the saddest sentiment of anything she said and, in this trash pile’s opinion, the core reason she is alone. Apparently, to pursue a man is to demean yourself in some way.

I might not be the greatest catch ever, but I would like to think that somewhere along the line of our courtship Marianne thought I was worth pursuing. I certainly thought she was worth pursuing. Neither of us felt demeaned as I recall. Speaking for me, I wouldn’t have cared if I did feel demeaned. She was worth demeaning myself over. Besides, a little demeaning never hurt anyone.

Tomi Lahren would do well to remember the girls she describes as valueless have all the guys. She is the one who will someday get carpal tunnel from clipping kitty litter coupons out of the paper. I honestly hope not, but it can and does happen.

You may be relieved to hear that I have decided to keep Marianne. When I told her of my decision, she was so excited she almost looked up from the magazine she was reading.

As for Tomi Lahren, I used to like to listen to her commentary, but I don’t think I will listen any more. I expect a certain level of maturity and introspection from commentators and her little video indicates to me she doesn’t have much of either.

I strongly recommend Tomi Lahren and her friends go ahead and hop down off those pedestals you set yourselves up on and stop running off men with those privileged, self-centered attitudes of yours.

Pedestals are only good for looking down on people.

And, in your case, remember, on a pedestal there is only room for one.